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Ep 14: Leading New York State & Bridging the Private Sector | Dr Nirav R. Shah

Ep 14: Leading New York State & Bridging the Private Sector | Dr Nirav R. Shah

"There is a lot of mistrust between the two, the private sector thinks about government bureaucrats who've done the same way for 20 years...the public sector talks about the private sector... who just want to make money at any cost... and they're both wrong."

Dr Nirav Shah, Senior Scholar at Stanford.

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In this episode, Dr Nirav Shah reflects on his early journey into healthcare, in particular how a patient error influenced his direct to focus on quality and safety, and how his mentors were a huge part in 'skip level opportunities'. Next, Dr Shah outlines how he navigated politics and responsibility as the Health Commissioner for New York State. Opportunities in digitizing processes, transparency and public engagement were way to effect change. Finally, we explore Dr Shah's experience working in the private sector and the need for bridges to be built across the public/private interface to ensure trusted relationships and a common goal. This episode is a treasure trove of enriching insights and inspiring stories from one of the key voices in healthcare. Don't miss this riveting conversation with Dr. Nirav Shah.

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About our guest: Nirav R. Shah, MD, MPH, is Senior Scholar at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. He is a distinguished healthcare leader with experience as an operator, scientist, innovator, and regulator. His expertise spans public health, public and private health insurance, and clinical operations across the continuum of care. At Stanford, Dr. Shah conducts research on improving healthcare quality and safety while lowering cost, driving adoption of digital technologies, and quantitatively evaluating the resulting value for US and international health care systems.

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