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Ep11: Exploring AI, ChatGPT and Clinical Informatics | Professor Nigam Shah

Ep11: Exploring AI, ChatGPT and Clinical Informatics | Professor Nigam Shah

"Even though you trained them for something silly, like to predict the new word, new capabilities emerged, as in, now they can answer, which is something they weren't trained for"

— Professor Nigam Shah, Chief Data Scientist for Stanford Health Care.

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In this episode, Professor Nigam Shah shares his early experiences with AI, called 'application of reasoning', how this has evolved, and how AI and web applications like ChatGPT have changed the landscape of how AI is being used. He notes we should be guarded about their general application in healthcare without appropriate research and trials. Professor Shah explores his informatics consultation service at Stanford, which uses real-time research to support clinicians in challenging circumstances. Finally, Professor Shah outlines his teams’ framework for better understanding and evaluating AI tools.

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About the guest: Dr Nigam Shah is Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, and Chief Data Scientist for Stanford Health Care. His research group analyzes multiple types of health data (EHR, Claims, Wearables, Weblogs, and Patient blogs), to answer clinical questions, generate insights, and build predictive models for the learning health system. At Stanford Healthcare, he leads artificial intelligence and data science efforts for advancing the scientific understanding of disease, improving the practice of clinical medicine and orchestrating the delivery of health care. Dr. Shah is an inventor on eight patents and patent applications, has authored over 200 scientific publications and has co-founded three companies.

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