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Ep5: Digital Health and Career Reflections at Microsoft | Dr. Simon Kos

Ep5: Digital Health and Career Reflections at Microsoft | Dr. Simon Kos

"If we had a multitiered, multilayered approach to clinical leadership where we don't just provide about patient care, but we think about improving the processes and tools...and leave a legacy over time then I think we'd have greater success in driving digital change in health"

— Dr Simon Kos, Healthcare Executive at Microsoft.

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In this episode, Dr Simon Kos explores his journey into digital health, his career reflections and the evolution in the thinking of digital healthcare. He reflects chance life events and educational experiences that allowed him to progress from the Emergency Room into a globally recognised digital health leader at Microsoft.

Dr Kos highlights many of the challenges in digital health in terms of just digitizing processes versus transforming processes. He describes how with particular digital tools, benefits can accrue at different levels, and as such, frontline staff must be included in those benefits.

Finally, he covers key questions that all earlier and mid-career professionals should be considering when looking to the future.

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About the guest: Dr Simon Kos is an internationally recognized leader in digital health, working in senior executive roles for over twenty years. He is a registered medical practitioner who has practised critical care medicine in Australia. He holds an MBBS from UNSW, an MBA from AGSM and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Digital Health (FAIDH). Significant past roles include global Chief Medical Officer of Microsoft based in Seattle, CEO of Next Practice, Physician Executive with Cerner, and the co-chair of the Global Commission to end the Diagnostic Odyssey for children with a Rare Disease. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer at Microsoft ANZ, a mentor in both NHS and Australia’s Clinical Entrepreneur Programs, a casual lecturer at UNSW School of Medicine, a board member of Innowell, and an advisor/investor in digital health start-ups.

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