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Ep6: Upstream Doctors & Social Interventions Research | Dr Laura Gottlieb

Ep6: Upstream Doctors & Social Interventions Research | Dr Laura Gottlieb


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"We think as healthcare institutions as just healthcare institutions...actually healthcare institutions are just big businesses that happen to do healthcare, this idea is that there is a whole array of other activities besides healthcare, that have an enormous impact on our local communities"

— Dr. Laura Gottlieb, Family Physician and Director of SIREN.

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In this episode, Dr Laura Gottlieb explores her early frustrations with providing healthcare in a complex system and how she sought out better tools to arm clinical teams to be successful. Dr Gottlieb then elaborates on the need for more translators of the 'Social Determinants of Health' research, to enable frontline providers and policymakers to know what to do next.

Spending time in the field has highlighted the ongoing challenges in the complexity of research and how her thinking has evolved over time. Dr Gottlieb outlines the 5 A's framework which illustrates the approaches that providers and communities can take to address underlying social conditions and needs.

She then explores the concept of the anchor institutions, and how healthcare institutions provide more than just healthcare.

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About our guest: Dr Gottlieb is a Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. Her research explores healthcare sector programs and policies related to identifying and addressing social risk factors in the context of care delivery. She is the founding co-director of the Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network, a national research network that advances research on healthcare strategies to improve social conditions. Dr. Gottlieb is also Associate Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evidence for Action National Program Office.

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