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Ep8: Venture Capital in Silicon Valley - From Clinician to Investor | Dr Oliver Keown

Ep8: Venture Capital in Silicon Valley - From Clinician to Investor | Dr Oliver Keown

"In times of hesitancy in the market, leaders lean in, they assert themselves, they flex and they find an opportunity”

— Dr Oliver Keown, managing director of Intuitive Ventures.

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In this episode, Dr. Oliver Keown discusses his career journey from a doctor in the UK's National Health Service, to a venture capitalist as Managing Director at Institutive Venture Fund. Dr Keown highlights how clinicians have important roles to contribute to this space through our training and experiences. He explores the industry of private equity in healthcare and explains the types of attributes that make a successful partner. Dr Keown put forward suggestions for how policymakers can shape the innovation and venture market that could improve its focus on equity.

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About the guest: In 2021, Oliver was recognized as a Top 50 Emerging Leader in corporate venture capital, and in 2022, selected as #39 on the Global Corporate Venturing Power List of the 100 most influential investors in the industry. Before coming to Intuitive Ventures, Oliver was a healthcare investor with GE Ventures, driving international startup deal flow and supporting numerous portfolio companies operationally and at the board level. Before that, he advised an array of UK, US, and global healthcare innovation projects across technology, government, commercial, and academic fields.

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