Clinical Changemakers
Clinical Changemakers
Introduction Episode - A Call To Action For Transforming Healthcare

Introduction Episode - A Call To Action For Transforming Healthcare

Introducing the Untapped Potential of Medical Professionals in Driving Systemic Change.

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So it sounds to me like we have 21st-century problems with 20th-century approaches. So what do we do? Well, I believe that clinicians given the right skills and opportunity can be at the heart of solving many of these very complex issues.

— Dr Jono Hoogebrug, Family Medicine Physician and Senior Harkness Fellow.

In this thought-provoking introduction to the Clinical Changemakers podcast, host Dr Jono introduces the pressing challenges faced by modern healthcare systems. From workforce constraints and ageing populations to growing administrative burdens and the impact of COVID-19 and climate change, 21st-century problems demand innovative solutions beyond the 20th-century approaches.

Dr Jono argues that clinicians, equipped with the right skills and opportunities, can be at the forefront of tackling these complex issues. He emphasizes the unique position of trust and influence that clinicians hold within their teams, institutions, and society, and encourages them to use their voice to drive change.

The podcast aims to explore essential skills, lessons, roles, and experiences that can empower clinicians to address these challenges effectively. With a focus on leadership and innovation, Dr Jono believes that great leadership can channel collective effort to overcome immense obstacles while thinking differently allows for breaking free from the status quo and moving towards new solutions.

Throughout the episode, upcoming guests highlight the importance of consumer-centred care, empathy, and teamwork in navigating the long and challenging journey of transforming healthcare. He invites listeners to join him on this journey of discovery, featuring guests from diverse backgrounds such as academia, public service, clinical front lines, policymakers, digital health experts, and industry leaders.

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Clinical Changemakers
Clinical Changemakers
Clinicians have trained in the art and science of medicine, and yet feel powerless to make a meaningful impact on the healthcare system.
Clinical Changemakers is the podcast looking to bridge this gap by exploring inspiring stories of leadership, innovation and so much more.
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