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Clinical Changemakers is a new podcast that unveils the missing puzzle piece for solving the complex challenges facing healthcare today: the untapped potential of clinicians. As the vital connectors between patients and healthcare institutions, clinicians possess a unique perspective and the ability to drive transformative change from within.

This podcast empowers healthcare professionals with the tools, insights, and inspiration needed to become impactful leaders and innovators in their field, bridging the gap between the frontlines of patient care and the systemic issues that hinder progress. Through thought-provoking conversations with renowned experts from across the globe, host and creator Dr Jono Hoogerbrug explores a wide range of topics crucial to driving positive change in healthcare.

"This is the time for a different kind of leader"

— Podcast Guest, Dr Kedar Mate, President and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower clinicians to break through the limitations imposed by current medical education, training, and professional culture, which often hinder their ability to influence and drive meaningful change. By shining a light on the diverse and impactful ways that clinicians can make a difference in healthcare, both within and beyond typical career paths, we aim to inspire a new generation of clinical changemakers.

Each episode of Clinical Changemakers features in-depth discussions on subjects such as leadership and management, quality improvement in healthcare, health system transformation to combat climate change, advocacy and policy insights for solving homelessness, health system frameworks to support equity and access, artificial intelligence and ChatGPT's role in healthcare, experiences of leading a country through the COVID-19 pandemic, approaches to building better teams and using power, digital innovation and consumer-empowered care, and perspectives on innovation from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

In addition to exploring these vital topics, we also delve into the origin stories of our esteemed guests, uncovering key lessons from their early careers that have shaped their paths as changemakers.

"Psychological safety is at the very heart of this discussion... a belief that it is safe for interpersonal risk...in my research, I have found this not to be the norm, but it is a very powerful thing when it's there."

— Podcast Guest, Professor Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School.

If you’d like to be inspired to become a changemaker in healthcare, then Clinical Changemakers is the podcast for you.

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Why a Podcast About Changing Healthcare?

With numerous crises impacting the healthcare industry, there is an urgent need for change, and we believe that clinicians can be at the very heart of this transformation. However, the current state of education, training, and workplaces often limits clinicians' ability to effect the substantial change they wish to see. Clinical Changemakers aims to bridge this gap, providing healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to become effective leaders and innovators.

How to Listen

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Contact Us

We value your feedback and ideas for future episodes. If you'd like to get in touch, please email us at jono@clinicalchangemakers.com. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing this vital conversation about driving positive change in healthcare.

About the Creator and Host

Dr Jono Hoogerbrug (@twitter, @linkedin) is an experienced General Practitioner and recently New Zealand’s recipient of the Commonwealth Funds' Harkness Fellowship where he was based at Stanford University.

He is an award-winning and recognized healthcare leader, with experience in underserved frontline medical settings, national quality and safety positions, digital leadership roles, research and informatics.

At Stanford, Jono was conducting research into leadership, organisational behaviour and digital healthcare. Additionally, he was supporting research into the application of Artificial Intelligence in clinical spaces.

Dr Hoogerbrug is a Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, is a graduate of Otago University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, has a Diploma in Paediatrics from Auckland University and is a Certified Health Informatician of Australasia. 

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Dr Jono Hoogerbrug is a Medical Doctor and Senior Harkness Fellow